Pauline is both my Angelic Reiki teacher and my yoga teacher. I enjoy all of her classes and she brings a lot of fun and lightness to every single session, she is very intuitive and she guided me through techniques and notions in a way that has left me fulfilled and confident about my skills. Her classes are fun and I always look forward to them as they are a space of bliss and serenity. I would certainly recommend her to anyone who wants to start their journey with yoga or wants to explore the magical world of Angelic Reiki!

Elisa Eusebi

I’ve been to several healers over the years and found Pauline to be a head and shoulders above them all. She is very focused, comforting and powerful. I am so impressed with her that she is now also treating my daughter, who has a chronic illness. We are both benefiting enormously.

Portia Booroff

Pauline really does have magic healing hands and I would highly recommend her services!

I have had Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Yoga Classes from Pauline and she is a master with all, she is extremely knowledgeable and patient in all areas.

The Indian Head Massages and Reiki I have had were superbly relaxing and assisted in getting rid of some rather nasty headaches which I had in the early stages of pregnancy (and consequently avoiding taking any chemical remedies)

I have to say in the Yoga Class I had with Pauline she demonstrated a vast amount of knowledge and patience, whilst at the same time being able to keep things fun! She was clearly able to show how to make the most of, and adapt all the different moves according to each individuals ability and did so without making that individual feel singled out in any way.

All in all I will be using Pauline’s magic healing hands again! And would say to you to not hesitate at all if you are thinking of utilising any of her services!

Lisa Sanzeri

I have known and been involved with Pauline for years and having been on her Reiki Courses, Yoga sessions and had Indian head massage. Whatever Pauline does she does it with love and compassion, she has incredible intuition and natural healing ability. I highly recommend her for whatever you are dealing with. I have been on all of Pauline’s Reiki teacher training weekend’s and each one has been transformational. I really got how powerful I am and soon after one weekend, I caused myself to be successful at leading seminars and at the practitioner weekend I created my vision of the future which included staying in a flat that I loved but could no longer afford. A short time later, I doubled my income by moving into contracting which meant I could stay in the flat I loved!! I left that weekend with the belief and knowledge that I could be successful. Pauline worked with us every step of the way, she made it a safe space to share, deal with emotions and anything else that needed to be dealt with. She intuitively knew what to say and delivers messages from the angels. I highly recommend those weekends even if you are not sure why you want to do them…. they are definitely life changing!! I have had one to one yoga classes with Pauline, I am currently not very supple and Pauline was very patient and attentive, making sure I was each bit correctly making sure I get the best out of each session. She was also very good when I had an injury giving advice specific to the injury. The Indian head massage came at the perfect time, I was stressed and run down after not having any work for sometime. The massage itself was heavenly, it’s a lovely feeling someone playing with your hair and scalp.  Pauline gave just the right amount of pressure and I drifted off!! I slept really well that night and the next day felt much calmer and in a great space, ready to take on the world!!

Melanie Knight

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